Rural Hippy, PhD  

Nebraska Women Create a fulfilled life

Anita Hall of Neligh, Nebraska firmly believes in the power of education for women.  A long time educator, she has given her life to serve the women of rural communities.  Rural Hippy PhD enhances this belief that women are given an opportunity to appreciate and enhance their life journey through creative hands on learning and education.  


Vision and Mission of Rural Hippy PhD

  Vision:  All rural women will know and embrace that they are talented and creative individuals and that they can use their gifts to design a fulfilled life

  Mission:  Rural Hippy PhD will provide education, motivation and empowerment for rural women so that they can create and lead a life true to their personal calling and talents.  This will occur via individual life coaching, leadership development, public speaking and social media.

Anita offers women of all ages an opportunity to learn new creative skills and to market them effectivity.  This not only helps to eleviate poverty but also helps to "open up the mind" to new ways of solving issues,  This attribute is critical in our world today.